Grain Moisture Meters & Testers

Agra Tronix AG Mac

AgraTronix grain and hay moisture testers are renowned internationally for providing highly reliable and accurate moisture content results, as well as being simple to use. Moisture testers by AgraTronix have become the industry standard for proper moisture level readings that allow our customers to maximise the value of their crops. The AgraTronix line of moisture sensing equipment also helps to reduce mould development and preserve the colour and feed value of crops and hay. All electronic moisture testing devices available from SiloSmart provide the everyday farmer the highest level of confidence in maximizing their crop yield and save them valuable time.

Agra Tronix MT Pro

The most economical moisture meter on the market with all the latest technology to challenge any rival.


  • Direct readout for 40 different grain scales
  • 2.5-inch LCD display with a selectable large or standard size fonts
  • Automatically averages selectable number of tests
  • Stores average calibration for all grains tested
  • USB port for personalisation (adding user name), grain scale, firmware and diagnostic updates
  • Backlit push-button interface for low light conditions
  • Low battery indicator and battery saver
  • Moisture range: 5% to 40% depending on grain tested
  • Temperature range: 0° to 45°C
  • Repeatability & Accuracy: ± 0.5% in normal moisture range for stored grain
  • Display Resolution: 0.1% moisture
  • Two 9V batteries required

Ohaus MC 2000

Combining efficiency and reliability, the MC2000 Hand Held Grain Moisture Analyzer is designed for accurate determination of grain moisture content in agricultural applications, including quality control and storage. Simple to set up and operate with a user-friendly interface, the MC2000 features a compact design, and is durably built for repetitive use.

Standard features

  • Easy-to-Use with Simple Touch Button Operation & User-Friendly Interface. No sample preparation or grinding needed with MC2000’s whole grain analysis. To operate, simply select grain type on the interface, place sample (whole kernel) in the vessel and get results automatically.
  • Ideal for Routine Moisture Analysis with Fast & Reliable Results. With results within 5 seconds, the MC2000 is geared for routine grain moisture analysis. Automatic temperature compensation system adjusts any external temperature influences, ensuring accuracy.
  • Versatile use with Multiple Measurement Modes. With 50 procedures in the library (10 pre-programmed), MC2000 is designed to measure moisture content in a wide variety of grains.

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