NCR – 80

The BinMaster NCR-80 is a non-contact radar level sensor designed specifically for superior performance in powders and bulk solids. Its advanced technology uses an 80 GHz frequency focused in a narrow 4° beam angle. This ensures reliable performance at measuring ranges up to 393 feet and accuracy within 0.2 inches. The NCR-80 is ideal for continuous level measurement in tall and narrow vessels where there is excessive noise or dust.

Reliable level measurement. 80 GHz of power.

There are two configurations of the NCR-80 and three different housing options including plastic, stainless steel, or aluminium. One configuration features a 10° swiveling, stainless steel flange for precise targeting at the material in the silo. It is suitable for high temperature applications up to 392°F. The other configuration mounts using an 8° swiveling flange or a mounting strap that allows for adjustable targeting and has a lightweight plastic antenna. The plastic antenna is for use in process temperatures up to 176°F.

NCR-80 for Bulk Solids
  • Powerful 80 GHz non-contact radar
  • Measuring distance up to 393 feet
  • The 4° beam angle for precise targeting
  • Reliable accuracy within 0.2 inches
  • High temperatures up to 392°F
  • Hazardous location approvals
  • BinDisc option simplifies setup and configuration
NCR-80 Excels in Solids
Grain Storage
  • The 4° beam angle is ideal for tall, narrow bins or bins with internal structure
  • Segmented cement grain bins with multiple compartments
  • Bins where the sensor must be mounted near the bin wall
  • Targeted locations on grain piles or flat storage warehouses
  • On large conveyors for distance measurement to detect overloading
Cement Silos
  • Clinker silos with excessive noise and high temperatures
  • Tall or narrow finished cement silos with excessive dust
  • Adaptable to powders or bulk solids of raw and finished materials
  • Over moving belts and conveyors to prevent overloading
  • Inside rock crushers to monitor filling and emptying
Plastic Pellets, Powders, or Flakes
  • For narrow silos where precise level is desired
  • In low dielectric materials or materials with limited reflectivity
Sand and Aggregates
  • For tall or narrow silos with excessive dust or noise
  • Mounted over piles or pits for level detection
Wood Chips or Pellets
  • Detecting level of materials with varying dielectrics and moisture levels
  • Performs in high steam environments
Power Plants
  • Level monitoring in coal feeders to ensure continuous supply
  • Mounted over piles or bunkers

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