AGRETO Three-Point Hitch Scale

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Product description

Product description

Mobile and cost effective scale for tractor three-point hydraulic systems

This specially designed, mobile and inexpensive scale turns every tractor three-point linkage into a 6000 kg scale. The AGRETO three-point scale is simply mounted between tractor three-point linkage and implement.

Easy to attach to various implements

Implements seldom conform to category II dimensions, but the AGRETO three-point scale can be used everywhere nonetheless, thanks to the infinite adjustability of the length of the lower link (85-90 cm) and the height between lower link and top link (48-68 cm).

Certainty with regards to input and output

Continuous information on quantities entering and leaving the vehicle enables the correction of erroneous settings.

Cost savings on resources

You only distribute the needed amounts and thus prevent overdosage.

Highest possible transport and operation security

Even when in an exceptional situation a load cell breaks, the construction of the AGRETO three-point scale prevents the loss of your implement and the enormous damages involved.


Technical data

Delivery contents:

• 1 scale construction for three-point linkage
• 2 top link brackets with 160 mm hole spacing
• 2 top link brackets with 130 mm hole spacing
• 1 top link pin
• 2 lower link pins
• 3 linchpins
• 1 user manual

Scale construction:

• Steel construction with internal load cells
• High-quality special coating
• Roller guided mounting for the attachment of implements
• Designed for implements with a total weight of up to 6000 kg
• 160 mm backward shift at the lower link
• 130 or 160 mm backward shift at the top link, depending on bracket used
• Vertical distance between top link and lower link can be infinitely adjusted between 48 and 68 cm
• 80 kg net weight
• Dimensions: 104 x 84 x 20 cm (LxWxH) horizontal

Lower link attachment to the tractor:

• 28 mm pin diameter
• 64 mm inner width
• For standard lower links with Category II ball end or
• Lower link with Category II hook
• Lower link with Category III hook and Category II reduction balls

Top link attachment to the tractor:

• 25 mm pin diameter
• 64 mm inner width
• For standard top links with Category II ball end or
• Top link with Category II hook
• Top link with Category III hook and Category II reduction ball

Lower link attachment to the implement:

• Category II ball end
• 28 mm pin diameter
• 51 mm ball width
• Horizontal distance can be adjusted infinitely between 85 and 90 cm

Top link attachment to the implement:

• 25 mm pin diameter

Load cells:

• 2 high-resolution shear force load cells with a 5000 kg nominal load each, 3 mV/V, 350 Ohm
• 10,000 kg total nominal load, 120% secure overload, 150% breaking load
• Waterproof according to protection class IP68
• -35 to +65 °C operating temperature
• -10 to +40 °C temperature compensated


• Internal load cell connection with a waterproof box
• 3.5 m long UV-resistant weighing signal cable with special sheathing, from scale to indicator
• Waterproof, threaded plug connector
• 2 m power supply cable
• Flexible plug with fuse for connection to the cigarette lighter


• +/- 0,02% load cell accuracy
• +/- 1 to 2% total system accuracy when operated properly in everyday conditions
• 5 kg weighing indicator resolution


How does the AGRETO drive-over-scale function?

The AGRETO drive-over-scale weighs vehicles dynamically while in motion. Weighings are automatically registered and stored on your PC.

Do I have to stand still on the platform with each axle?

Generally speaking, no. The AGRETO drive-over-scale is designed for dynamic weigh-in-motion. Axles are automatically weighed one after the other. Only when you weigh liquid containers or barrels that aren’t completely full, do you need to weigh statically, ie stand still on the platform with each axle. The software contains a separate mode for that.

How fast can I cross the scale?

You have to drive at walking speed. The best results are obtained when driving 2 to 4 km/h with agricultural vehicles, and 4 to 6 km/h with trucks. The AGRETO drive-over-scale monitors your driving speed and issues a warning when a weighing isn’t optimal due to too much speed.

Do I have to specify the amount of axles up front?

No, not at all. The AGRETO drive-over-scale software automatically registers the amount of axles.

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