Bin Level Measurement

Best Tools Available For Your Precious Harvest

Everybody eats. Keeping up with the global demand for human and animal food is a constant challenge. You need accurate data if your business is growing, storing, or processing the harvest. Get sensors that help you comply with Australian government regulations.

SiloSmart Solutions has a range of solutions for continuous bin level indicators and control systems.

Bin Level Monitoring

BINMASTER Continuous Level Indicators And Control Systems

Established in 1953, BinMaster is an ISO 9001:2015 certified company that designs and manufactures reliable, solid-state point and continuous bin level indicator and control systems and sensory devices used while storing or processing powders and bulk solids or liquids in bins, tanks, silos and hoppers. Material management solutions include all-digital grain monitoring systems, flow detection sensors, and complete solutions using wireless devices & web applications to send data to your control room, console, smartphones, tablet, or PC’s. Robust, custom systems can be developed for a single site or networked for every bin, tank, and silo across a multi-national operation.

BinMaster offers complete systems to precisely manage inventory for one bin or a global operation. Find the right solution for level measurement and real-time reporting to optimize profitability whether you’re buying or selling

Smart Bob

SmartBob is a proven, highly reliable, and accurate inventory management system for monitoring the level of powders and bulk solids for one or an entire network of bins, tanks, and silos. Smart…


NCR – 80

Non-contact radar continuously measures the level of powders, granules, solids, or liquids in a vessel. Reliable and precise in high dust, 80 GHz non-contact radar excels in powders and solids in…


Grain Quality Testing

As You KNOW It Pays To KNOW

Here at SiloSmart Solutions we are enthusiastic about what we do and who we service. We know that exceeding our customers` expectations is the ultimate key to success. SiloSmart Solutions grain quality testing equipment is manufactured to the highest Australian standards as specified by the grain industry. All components are manufactured from rust and ware resistant materials. They are used by professional grain bodies and where accuracy is essential.

grain weighing scale box image

Grain Weighing

Grain weighing scales specifically designed and developed to assist in the grading of grain to calculate the kilogram per hectolitre and percentage…

Grain Testing Equip box image

Grain Testing Equipment

At SiloSmart Solutions, our aim is to provide the very best grain testing equipment at affordable prices to help all grain growers and trades to achieve both…


Grain Moisture

Here at SiloSmart Solutions we are enthusiastic about what we do and who we serve. We know that exceeding our customers’ expectations is the ultimate…


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