Bixolon Thermal Receipt Printer

Lift the lid, drop in the roll, close the lid and print. Nothing could be easier. No more feeding rolls through slots or rollers, no more refilling with expensive ink!

The Bixolon SRP-330 Thermal Receipt Printer is compact, flexible unit, ideal for a variety of tasks. Perfect for receipts, measurement recording, ticketing and kiosk applications.

The printer comes with a paper partition that enables 50mm or 80mm printing, doesn’t require ink refills and comes with a 2 year warranty.

The SRP330 is fully featured with improved printing speed up to 200mm/Sec and Smart Bixolon software package. Easy-to-use Windows driver and manufacturing system integration.


  • Easy drop in and print paper loading
  • User-friendly program
  • Compatible with logo/firmware for branded printouts
  • Print alarm buzzer, excellent for loud manufacturing areas
  • Virtual Memory Switch Manager makes changing the default language a snap
  • Optional auto-cutter and take-up with functionality customise printouts of client and customer receipt versions
  • Trustworthy reliability, comes with a 2 year warranty
  • Space efficient /optional vertical and wall mount kits available.
  • Virtual Memory Switch Manager(VMSM) helps you to the printer setting and default language change easily
  • High operational reliability
  • The market proven quality by world installation provides you option of an auto-cutter and take-up, and the ability to print one original plus two copies
  • Trustworthy reliability (1.8 million lines)
  • Space efficient /optional vertical and wall mount kits available.

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