Smart Bob

SmartBob is a proven, highly reliable, and accurate inventory management system for monitoring the level of powders and bulk solids for one or an entire network of bins, tanks, and silos. SmartBob options include models for high or super-high temperatures, measuring submersed solids, wireless communications, and compatible consoles and inventory software for monitoring data.

Robust SmartBob2 design

The SmartBob2 sensor combines technological advances and common sense to give you the strongest and smartest inventory measurement system on the market. The powerful and robust design of the SmartBob2 provides years of maintenance-free service in vessels up to 180 feet. It’s built tough to succeed in demanding applications where other technologies fail.

Real smart

We’ve refined our technology and designed new innovations into the SmartBob2 to create a significantly advanced inventory measurement system. Through digital signal processing and advanced electronics, SmartBob2 gives you more communication options than any other system. We’ve made the best inventory measurement system even better, providing the most costeffective and easiest-to-implement solution for maximizing your inventory control.

And versatile, too

SmartBob2 can handle the demands of virtually any application and vessel type. With numerous sensor probe styles, the SmartBob2 effectively measures solids, powders, liquids, or slurries. With a variety of mounting accessories, SmartBob2 can be used with almost any configuration of silo, bin, or other bulk storage vessel.

Proven applications

SmartBob2 has measured it all. Whether it’s chunk coal in a coal-fired power plant or fine granular solids in a plastic processor’s material storage silo, SmartBob2 has the power and flexibility to handle it. Airborne dust, noise, steam, temperature, or varying material characteristics pose no problem to SmartBob2. It’s capable of measuring all your liquids, large granular, powders and dry bulk solids applications. A high temperature model is also available for applications where the process temperature is between 240° F and 500° F. This high temperature model is built with components designed to safely operate in temperatures up to 500° F.

A trusted name

SmartBob2 has been developed by BinMaster, the proven, trusted name in inventory measurement systems for over 40 years.

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