Inventory Monitoring

Silo monitoring made easy with level measurement and real-time control of the content of the silos.


Effective Silo Monitoring with Digital Panel Meters

BinMaster’s line of digital panel meters provides easy-to-use, easy-to-see solutions for tank level monitoring and control. Models are available for Modbus and 4-20 mA inputs, and the large, ultra-bright LED displays are offered in single and dual-line configurations to meet your monitoring needs. With hardy NEMA 4X enclosures, these digital panel meters are suitable for a variety of indoor and outdoor process applications and can easily be seen in bright sunlight, smoke, fog, or dusty environments.
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Digital Panel Meter

BinCloud® Inventory Management Programs

Monitor your applications in real-time using BinCloud® secure, user-friendly inventory management programs. This silo monitoring device is compatible with an array of sensors and capable of monitoring multiple vessels, these programs offer inventory visualization, automated alerts, and more–giving you access to the information you need to manage your operation efficiently.

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