Cost and time-effective silo level indicator, offering bin level measurement and real-time control of the content of the silos.

Silosmart Solutions

Continuous Level Monitors

BinMaster designs and manufactures reliable, solid-state point and continuous bin level indicators, control systems, and sensoring devices used while storing powders and bulk solids.

Manage Silo Content Better with BinMaster Level Controls.

Continuous Level

The BinMaster silo level indicator uses non-contact radar to continuously measure the level of powders, granules, solids, or liquids in a vessel. Reliable and precise in high dust, 80 GHz non-contact radar excels in powders and solids in tall and narrow vessels. Pulse radar transmitters using a lower frequency are more commonly used in liquids and perform in diverse tank shapes and environmental conditions.

Inventory Monitoring

BinCloud® Inventory Management Programs Monitor your applications in real-time using BinCloud® secure, user-friendly inventory management programs. Compatible with an array of sensors and capable of monitoring multiple vessels, these bin level measurement programs offer inventory visualization, automated alerts, and more–giving you access to the information you need to manage your operation efficiently.
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