On-Farm Weigh Bridges


The most user friendly On-Farm weighbridge available.

The 9m length is the ideal on-farm weighbridge, suitable for multi axle weighing, Simi, B Doubles, B Triples. First weigh the prime mover and every set of axles thereafter. The installed software will total all axles weights in and out and calculate the load

Need a longer weighbridge between 9m and 27? Then consider “MyScale” 18m length. Weigh Simi and every triaxle thereafter. Software installed will add all-individual weight and total. In weigh and outweigh calculated and totals

Planning for a larger grain storage complex or feedlot? Then consider “MyScale” 27m length. Full automation including truck ID recognition. Customer designed software and programs to suit your operation

Weighbridge Smart

Full Length Weighbridges


Weighbridge Smart Solutions aka Grainline Weighbridge are Heavy duty, full-sized steel platform, adapted to all truck dumper dimensions and capacities. The structure is supported by high capacity load cells.


  • Surface mounted, steel, modular construction that allows for easy transportation and assembly
  • Factory pre-mounted OIML load cells
  • Optional pre-mounted steel foundations
  • Quick installation and easily assembled in one day
  • Ideal solution for sites that require frequent relocation
  • Side rails are included to guide and prevent trucks from driving outside the platform
  • Weigh bridge deck with anti-slip checker plate
  • Practical access to load cells and junction box through top removable covers.
  • Ideal for construction, agricultural, recycling sites and a plenitude of other applications.
Tons/Axle Model L (m) W (m) H (mm) Cover (mm) Loadcells
10 WS90/30 9 3 400 6 1*6
10 WS180/30 18 3 400 6 2*6
10 WS270/30 27 3 400 6 3*6

Full Length Weighbridge Testimonials

Weighbridge Product Review by Graeme

Graeme at Hillstone reviews his experiences with WeighBridge Smart

Weighbridge Product Review by Adam

In this video Adam describes his experience purchasing his weighbridge.

weighbridge smart

Axle Weigher

LESIM – Axle Weigher is designed to provide fast and accurate axle and gross weight information for all vehicle types from light vans to the heaviest multi-axle vehicles.

  • It is simple to install and is ideal for sites where space or access is limited.
  • It weighs any vehicle up to 30 tons per axle.
  • It can be used for static weighing operations or for ‘in motion’ weighing speeds ~ 5km/h

The indicator is compliant with OIML R134 regulations,but does not have the approval certificate for dynamic weighing (pending-approval).

The printouts can be individually configured to the customer’s requirements and include information such as time & date, vehicle information together with the individual axle and gross weight details.


  • Steel, compact, robust and accurate constructions
  • Completely self-contained and relocatable
  • Minimal yard space required – Simple and straight forward to install
  • Saves time by weighing vehicles on the move
  • Complete with 4 compression types, stainless steel load cells and OIML R60 approved
  • Supplied with indicator LD5218, with dedicated axle weighing software
  • Special buffering components are integrated into the beam sections in order to limit the horizontal movement of the platform and to keep the platform steady during vehicle passing
Tons/Axle Model L (m) W (m) H (mm) Type Cover (mm) No of LC
15 LESIM IN GROUND AXLE WEIGHER 0,85 3 210 pit 10 4
weighbridge smart

Jumbo Series Group Axle Weigher

The extreme industrial demands of mining and construction work requires heavy duty scales built to unique specifications. The Jumbo Group Axle Weighers will provide dependable performance for rigorous duty cycles. Engineered for use in mining industries, these scales are the ultimate in weighing technology for off-road and heavy-duty applications.

Unlike a standard full deck weighbridge, The Jumbo Series Group Axle Weighers are portable and easy to relocate, they consist of individual weigh pads that install at ground level which will measure the load on each wheel. Its modular design enables it to be configured to weigh any mining truck, regardless of brand or model.


  • Easy to use
  • Long lasting, heavy duty construction
  • Axel weigher: Installation frame for easy installation / relocation
  • Automatic / Operator and Static / Dynamic operation modes available
  • OIML approved load cells


  • Maximize tyre life span
  • Increase operational efficiency
  • Decrease operational and maintenance costs


JUMBO features an VT300 Indicator in a weather-proof IP66 enclosure, loaded with static or axle weighing software to measure accurately the weight of each wheel in static or dynamic mode (speed≤ 5km/h). Weighing data transfer via Wifi or Bluetooth, available upon request.


  • Vandal-proof casing for controller enclosure
  • Large remote display
  • Traffic lights
  • Solar Panel Power Supply
  • Horn

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